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This site is dedicated to our South Russian and Caucasian Sheepdogs.

The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the three sheepdogs of the former Soviet Union (the other two being the South Russian Shepherd and the Central Asian Shepherd).

Its general appearance is that of a bear. It is most often grey or beige. It is a large dog, lively and alert, with a powerful musculature and whose reactions are lightning fast.

Its essential role is to guard and protect the family and the territory. Happy owners of Sarplaninac (Yugoslavian shepherd dogs), we discovered the Russian and Caucasian Shepherd Dog by chance many years ago.

We have recently welcomed a female Caucasian Shepherd and a young male. Please feel free to visit our pages dedicated to this wonderful breed...

We hope to introduce you to our wonderful companions !







Updated on 19 August 2021