Living with Russian Shepherds, what an adventure !

People say that their favourite animal is the best of all. Everyone praises the dog they love and with whom they share their life, their friends and their home. Whether we are talking about our favourite breed or our personal companion, we always tend to attribute all the qualities to it. We are never objective when talking about those we love. For many years we have seen our dogs grow and develop. We wanted to share some observations with you.

Concerning their education
Generally speaking, the females seem to have a fairly flexible character and obey quite easily. On the other hand, the male seems to be more stubborn. From the age of six months, his character asserts itself: he tends to want to impose himself on females and other males, whatever their hierarchical status and outside his territory. This period is normal in the construction of his character. In a human, it corresponds to adolescence. Also, let us not forget that the Youjak is a dominant dog. It is up to the leader of the pack, i.e. the master, to restrain his desire to dominate and to control him in all circumstances.
As the Youjak grows, it becomes more mature. Its behaviour becomes more assertive. In the pack, relationships become organised and hierarchical.

Relationships with humans
Like many great protectors, the Russian Shepherd divides the world into two categories: the family and the immediate territory... and the rest. Because of his character, he is indifferent to strangers! Outside his territory, he does not go towards them spontaneously and does not let himself be touched easily.
So beware of somewhat invasive attempts to caress him...

He is a dog that is both distant and affectionate. Distant, because he is capable of staying several hours away from his master, keeping watch. You have to accept this!
Affectionate, because he is like all sociable mammals: he alternates during his development periods of play, calm, guarding and cuddling.
The latter are very important. The dog needs to be recognised by its master. He must not be pushed away during these sessions, during which he shows a tenderness that is sometimes invasive. Our four dogs are no exception to the rule: they don't hesitate to climb onto the sofa where you were planning to watch television quietly, to demand to be stroked! This is a special moment in the relationship with them. The "Slavic charm" then has its effect...
On the other hand, the petting must stop when you have decided to stop. You are the master and you must remain so !

This balance must also be found outside the territory : it is out of the question to present sad, dominated dogs in dog shows, with their nose irresistibly attracted to the ground. The Russian Shepherd is certainly a calm dog, but proud.


Updated on 23 August 2021