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The Youjak is a very intelligent dog, which complicates its training.
This dog knows that he is "smarter" than the animals he is guarding. It is therefore necessary to make him admit that his master is smarter than him. With the South Russian Shepherd, training means knowing how to anticipate. It is essential to know your dog and anticipate his reactions, in order to avoid fights.

With the Russian Shepherd, the world is divided into two parts: what is "mine", in my immediate environment, and what is outside. What is close by is the family and people who may have the opportunity to enter the territory. The Youjak will very quickly prioritise people and react according to its degree ofacceptance: "occasional" visitors (but already identified by the dog) may have some difficulty being accepted. On the other hand, close family members (especially if they knew the Youjak as a puppy) will have no problem being accepted.
It is therefore up to the owner to remain vigilant at all times, especially when visiting the house.

With a powerful jaw, the South Russian Shepherd is a very dominant dog, especially towards other males, with a quick repartee.
Consequently, be sure to take precautions on his territory, especially if you already have other dogs: cohabitation with another sexed male will quickly become a living hell!

A lapidary formula can summarise his education : "an iron hand in a velvet glove". In other words, you must make your dog obey you early on in a climate of trust, without brutality or excessive constraint. Gentleness is more effective than force. His education must be carried out without fail: obedience, recall on foot, respect for the master and the hierarchy. Everything depends on the relationship with the master, who must remain the "leader of the pack"!
However, there is no need to overdo repetitive obedience exercises: the Youjak is not a dog that can be "robotized"! By the third time, he will find it useless to do again what he has already done twice.
This is why any biting or attacking exercise on a training ground should be avoided.
Similarly, repetitive exercises on an agility course may amuse him for a moment, but they are likely to bore him.
The role where he excels is guarding and protecting. This is why he was selected, let's not forget it...

You should also be careful not to dominate him too much or to rush him: you risk "breaking" your dog psychologically and obtaining a disastrous fang machine !
Above all, you should start training him as soon as possible: the very young puppy should be brought into contact with other young dogs.
Similarly, you must not make him live in a closed environment or overprotect him, but on the contrary take him out very often in the most diverse places: market, busy street, station...

Updated on 23 August 2021