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Youjak : an authentic dog

Youjak, a name to make wolves and all predators tremble, but also a deep, intense look under the mass of hair, a dog devoted body and soul to its masters. Unlike other "fashionable" breeds, the South Russian Shepherd Dog, the pride of Russian breeding, is a rare dog : only about ten dogs are present in France.

They are large dogs, but very elegant and without any heaviness, lively when running, with a powerful jaw and constantly alert reflexes.
His calm and debonair air, his light gait and his sumptuous white coat are irresistible to the eye (he is sometimes called the "bear dog"). But you should not forget that you are not dealing with a "cuddly toy" or a "teddy bear", but with a guard and protection dog, with undeniable shepherding qualities.
The Youjak is both a proud and "serious" dog, i.e. neither agitated nor overexcited all the time (he knows how to be discreet), but also easy-going : the moments during which he plays and lets off a lot of steam are necessary for his balance. Don't be surprised ! They are also very sensitive and capable of surprising finesse.

He has an inquisitive and independent character, but is slow to mature (it will take him about two years or more).

He loves his master with passion. He is very affectionate (even clingy !) and does not disdain caresses... On his territory, the South Russian Shepherd is an uncompromising guardian, who even at rest watches over his little world with a nonchalant air. His main characteristic is an innate sense of defending his territory and his family.
If he is sometimes distant, don't be offended : he does his job. He can stay away from you for hours, watching where you go. This large dog is a territorial dog and an ardent defender. He takes the initiative to attack whenever he feels it is necessary.
Do not underestimate him: he is full of temperament, lively, courageous and has a very keen sense of hearing. He may react with passion to a misunderstood gesture. This is why particular care should be taken when dealing with unruly children.

It is advisable not to encourage him to bite and to leave him a space where he can exercise his functions of "bodyguard". He must find his place to appreciate strangers in the house and decide whether or not (under your control) to let them in.
His distrust of strangers is legendary. Indeed, he won't let himself be petted by just anyone, so... beware !
Nevertheless, he is capable of adapting to other situations outside.

Finally, he does not adapt well to city life and needs space. Don't plan to have him live in an overheated flat ! Its extremely dense coat protects it particularly well from the dry cold. On the other hand, he seems to dislike rain and dampness.
You can go for long walks with him : he loves them !

Updated on 23 August 2021